With new counter-ion technology, meet our

Alcohol-free hand sanitizer

Many hand sanitizers, which gained popularity in the 1990s, contain alcohol, which provides a “kill fast” method but evaporates in a few seconds⁠—meaning users can pick up more bacteria as soon as they touch something, scientists believe. Our alcohol-free hand sanitizer will continue to work after application providing longer effectiveness and will not leave your hands feeling dry and/or sticky.

99.9% microbial kill rate

Within 60 seconds for hand sanitizing and a 99,999% microbial kill rate within 5 minutes for hard surface disinfection, Certification. Number: 2017IS/TS/0338

NRCS registered

Our product is formulated in liquid consistency, with a residual effect after application, showing good cleaning and dispersion properties.

"Our Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer is independently Toxicology Risk Assessment Approved and is HACCP standards compliant for use in the food industry."

Why our product?

Eco-friendly, plant-based product

99,9% Microbial kill rate within 60 seconds (Independently tested to EN 1276 standards Certification

Outstanding performance with new counter-ion technology

Excellent enveloped virus killing properties, with superior gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial elimination

Lasting residual skin protection with grime penetrating properties

Conforms to bactericidal activity testing of antiseptics and chemical disinfectants

Additional key

Product Features

Grime penetrating technology for hands which haven’t been washed first

Safe for use in the food industry

Toxicology Risk Assessment Approved

Eco-Choice Type 1 Eco Accreditation


Highly effective against enveloped viruses with superior gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria killing capabilities

Independently tested to EN 1276 standards

Residual skin protecting properties

Non-toxic, non-volatile, non-corrosive

Multi-purpose use

Industry Application:

  • Food
  • Industrial
  • Domestic
  • Institutional
  • And more

Shelf Life & Storage

  • Store in cool, dry place
  • Stable for up to 24 months
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