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We have a wholesale program that makes it super easy to earn extra cash. Just sign up and you will get our products at wholesale prices, kickstarting your hustle.

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Why Choose to Join Our Wholesale Program?

Like most wholesale programs that you will find for a variety of products, the goal of our team is to give your business access to a high-quality, growing brand that not only offers cleaning solutions that your customers will love but an opportunity for you to make extra income during these uncertain times.

Our program is free to join and you can get a discount without having to order a minimum quantity.

Depending on order quantities you could receive up to 30% discount on your orders.

Our products are certified both locally and to European certifications. We manufacture  our products locally and can distribute anywhere in SA (we even ship internally should you require it).

Our ordering process has been streamlined to ensure that no time is wasted on placing your order. We will also offer free delivery on orders over the value of R3,000.

How to get started.

Apply to become a wholesale partner by clicking on the "Sign Me Up" button below.

Upon approval, you will receive your wholesale price list containing discount tiers.

All that is left to do is start ordering!

Our wholesale program offers an opportunity for solopreneurs, retail businesses, and other independent contractors a chance to capitalise on a growing ‘eco-friendly awareness’ movement within South Africa.

This opportunity is perfect for anyone who has or wants to start selling certified ‘eco-friendly cleaning products within their community. All it takes is knowing someone in a specific industry that could benefit from the wide range of cleaning products on offer.

If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, all you have to do is apply here and we’ll handle the rest to ensure that you have everything you need to start selling. We will supply you with a wholesale pricelist along with documents providing both local and internation certifications. All products are manufactured within South Africa and we can ship at any quantity anywhere within South Africa.

Eco-Clean Earth Wholesale Program

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This best selling hand sanitisers are now at your disposal to help grow your income.

Eco-Choice Type 1 Eco Accreditation

Grime penetrating technology for hands which haven’t been washed first

Safe for use in the food industry

Toxicology Risk Assessment Approved

Highly effective against enveloped viruses with superior gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria killing capabilities

Independently tested to EN 1276 standards

Residual skin protecting properties

Non-toxic, non-volatile, non-corrosive

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